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We sponsored a CHRISTMAS WISH FAMILY for 2015!

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

This year our team decided to share a little of our blessings and adopted a very deserving family from Garner. Kimberly and Jamie are in the process of adopting their grandchildren Halle, Skyler & Sebastian, who were abandoned in a Las Vegas hotel. The children were reunited with them on Christmas Eve, after spending 3 months in foster care. All the extra expenses of 3 children was overwhelming and Kimberly reached out for assistance through a local radio station, WQDR. Dr. Michelle Brown, heard this heartbreaking story and contacted the Absolute Care Foundation. Our Absolute team was able to fill the ENTIRE wish list including shoes, clothes, toys & even an iPod! We also provided a complete Christmas Diner. Our best wishes accompany these deserving and caring people on their journey ahead!


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