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Making the Impossible Manageable: Esther's Story

Journal of Dental Technology

March 2019

It was a “feel good” human interest story; the kind you often see on a TV broadcast to balance out the day’s sad news. ABC11, out of Raleigh North Carolina, ran a piece about a woman named Esther, who found a wedding ring in the parking lot of a local Walmart…

Durham fighter trades the streets for the ring

The News Observer

January 2016

Marko Bailey sat on a thin cot in the Durham County Youth Home the week before his 16th birthday. Alone and afraid, he began to cry. 

Restoring Hope through a Smile

Chapel Hill Magazine

December 2012

At only 23, Amy Hildreth was diagnosed with chronic Lyme Disease. Due to the severity of the disease, as well as multiple mis-diagnoses in the 3 years leading up to that point…

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