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2018 Mom's Clinic -- Fayettville

On August 2018, our Absolute team once again joined up with (NCMOM) The North Carolina Missions of Mercy. This three-day charity event provided free dental care to over 1600 patients, in Fayetteville, NC.

An army of hygienists and dental assistants performed cleanings, while technicians took impressions for removable devices. The following day was spent meticulously crafting hundreds of dentures and crowns from the impressions taken from each individual patient.

On the final day, all the patients returned while our team diligently seated everyone for their life changing restorations. Jon Hansel again cooked his famous award-winning NC barbecue for over 600 people. The days of the charity event were filled with joy and cheerfulness of companionship, and the warmth and satisfaction of making a difference by bettering the lives of the good people of Fayetteville.

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